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E. SUN Bank joins hands with 32 outstanding Taiwanese companies to publicly advocate ESG sustainability

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  • 19 Feb 2021

E. SUN Bank held a press conference on the "Yushan ESG Sustainability Initiative" today (19). Vice President Lai Qingde and Vice President Shen Rongjin of the Executive Yuan attended in person. The founder of Yushan Huang Yongren and the chairman of Yushan Bank Huang Nanzhou joined hands with AUO and Sinosteel. 32 outstanding Taiwanese business leaders jointly initiated ESG initiatives and signed the "Sustainable Development Proposal", further committing to take practical actions on the most urgent climate change, implement various ESG actions, and promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ).

Outstanding companies in response to the ESG sustainability initiative promise to take practical actions on environmental protection, control greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigate the impact on the climate and the environment. In 2021, they will take inventory of electricity or carbon emissions, and plan to invest in resources, and take specific electricity savings or Carbon reduction efforts promote environmental sustainability. Through the joint initiative of everyone, we will promote the industry to pay more attention to the environment, society, and corporate governance, and move towards sustainable development.

Vice President Lai Qingde stated that today’s sustainability initiative has three positive meanings. First, it is a voluntary and spontaneous force from the private sector. Yushan Bank and private companies with good ESG performance will jointly respond to climate change issues. Second, this is the right time. When countries are accelerating their response to climate issues, companies are also using more proactive ways to achieve carbon reduction goals. Third, Taiwan must not stay out of the matter and remind the government to propose a path for governance of climate change to make Taiwan more in line with the requirements of the international community. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, the international community can see Taiwan’s efforts on ESG.

The Vice President of the Executive Yuan Shen Rongjin mentioned that ESG is not only an issue. Through today’s initiative, it will be an important milestone in promoting ESG as a corporate DNA. Let us jointly promote positive changes in society and the environment, and achieve sustainable development goals. A resilient and sustainable Lohas home.

Huang Nanzhou, chairman of Yushan Bank, emphasized that in the process of practicing ESG, the most gratifying thing is that a group of like-minded business partners walk hand in hand to make the environment more friendly and the world better. Yushan is the only financial company in Taiwan that has been selected for the DJSI Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 7 consecutive years. It has also taken the lead in introducing the Equator Principles and green bonds at the same time, and is the first domestic bank to undertake the ESG Linked Loan. It is expected to be the best in Asia in the fourth 10 years. A distinctive benchmark bank. Yushan hopes to create a better future by combining the power of business partners in various industries through responsible credit, responsible investment and ESG financial products.

ESG is an important global trend and an important indicator to measure the sustainable development of enterprises. Yushan Bank and outstanding enterprises jointly promote the ESG sustainability initiative, starting from the enterprise itself, expanding cross-industry experience exchange, gathering common wisdom, and exerting greater Influence, so that more companies can use the environmental, social, and corporate governance practices to move from excellence to excellence to a long-lasting foundation.


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