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Taiwan-based Fuse Manufacturer CONQUER launches Overcurrent Protection solutions for 5G system

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  • 06 Apr 2021

The first 5G radio networks are now live. This generation of telecommunication system aims to deliver:

1. Enhanced mobile broadband,

2. Massive machine-type communications,

3. Ultra-reliable and low latency communications.


The purpose is to be faster, more reliable and manage the scale of devices predicted for the Mobile Internet of Things (MIoT). Enabling the digital transformation of our society, business processes and manufacturing.


From consumer handsets to small, densely packed base stations, 5G services are enabled by complex electronic systems;circuit boards packed with sensitive integrated devices, including RF signal transceivers, memory and high-speed processors. Protecting these systems requires solutions that meet all of the requirements of the application, covering size, weight, performance and cost.



Fuses have been referred to as “one time” devices, in that the fuse will provide protection from the overload by opening only once and then need to be replaced. The heart of a typical fuse is a length of wire that is heated to its melting point by the excessive current. The circuit current flow decreases to zero as the wire melts open.


CONQUER Fuse Type SET(G) Slow Blow Fuses are ideal for space-constrained applications. These square ceramic fuses feature gold-plated caps in a small 2410 size package and have an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. The series offers a wide range of current ratings from 200mA up to 7A at 125VAC/VDC.


CONQUER Fuse LTCC Chip Fuses come in a 1206 or 0603 case size and feature an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. CQ06LF and CQ12LV fuses come in 0603 and 1206 case sizes and are cost-effective solutions with recognized component for Canada and US approvals.


CONQUER is dedicated to provide a full range of overcurrent circuit protection for 5G networking devices with our compact size, various design construction and cost competitive fuse and chip fuse.


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