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Conquer enriched its Power Fuses Solutions for a variety of Inductrial Control applications

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  • 05 May 2021

Power Fuses with very high AC and DC Voltage Ratings and Interrupting Ratings. These fuses are used for primary circuit protection of almost any power supplies, chargers or industrial products. Fuses offer a safe and economical solution for overcurrent protection of both conductors and components.


Conquer fuse is pleased to carry the most popular general purpose fuses for industrial control applications.



1. Reliability:

Fuses have no moving parts to wear out or become contaminated by dust or oil.


2. Component protection:

The high current limiting action of a fuse minimize or eliminates component damage.


3. NorthAmerican standards:

UL 248 Standards specify fuse performance and maximum allowable fuse let-thru values.


4. Minimal maintenance:

Fuses do not require periodic recalibration as do some electromechanical overcurrent protective devices.


5. Long life:

As a fuse ages, the speed of response will not slow down or change. A fuse’s ability to provide protection will not be adversely affected by the passing of time.


6. Safety:

Overcurrent protective devices that have tripped are often reset without first investigating the cause of the fault. Electromechanical devices may not have the reserve capacity to open safely when a second or third fault occurs. When a fuse opens it is replaced with a new fuse, so the protection level is not degraded by previous faults.


7. Cost effective:

Fuses typically are the most cost effective means of providing overcurrent protection.



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